harvest za.


bringing you a fall-flavored spin on classic homemade pizza, it’s crazy easy & totally customizable! after finding myself at trader joe’s for the third time just this week, which, btw, is a usual occurrence, i stopped in the frozen isle. tj’s is so clever with all of their fall-themed products, it was easy for me to ~fall~ for the butternut squash pizza crust; lucky for us, tj’s has kept he ingredient list to a minimum so we can enjoy our food while still feeling our best! i did want to preface this post by saying, the crust does not taste like traditional pizza crust & tbh this recipe doesn’t actually taste much like pizza at all, lol. however, it was super yummy & such a fun grocery item to play around with! ok, done babbling – read on for the recipe.

here’s what you’ll need.


  • tj’s butternut squash pizza crust 
  • tj’s fall harvest salsa *yes, salsa! but you could opt for a traditional red sauce, or a pumpkin purée of sorts if you’re really feeling fancy*
  • tj’s almond milk cheese *unfortunately this is not vegan, but for those who are lactose free, this counts! doesn’t upset my stomach like traditional dairy, is healthier, & actually tastes like cheese!*
  • heirloom tomato
  • spinach *arugula would be even better*
  • goat cheese *omit for vegan! if you are not vegan, this amps the flavor up – strongly recommend. also, goat cheese contains less lactose than traditional dairy, is much easier to digest, & provides more vitamin & mineral content!*
  • balsamic glaze *hardly optional*
  • cinnamon & nutmeg spices
  • optional toppings which I didn’t include, but maybe you should:
    • ground tofu-sausage or turkey-sausage
    • an egg, cracked on top
    • apple slices
    • dried cranberries
    • asparagus

here’s what you’ll do.


  • preheat your oven & then begin to cook your crust. follow the directions on the tj’s box! super easy.
  • add your sauce of choice! because i have never been a huge red sauce gal, i actually opted for the tj’s fall harvest salsa, which is packed with pumpkin, squash, & apples – absolutely love this stuff btw. 
  • next i layered on the almond milk cheese, followed by sliced tomato, & spinach!
  • i finished my toppings with a sprinkle of some more almond milk cheese, & goat cheese. *i got the one with honey from tj’s and omfg it’s life*
  • finally i sprinkled my pizza with cinnamon and ground nutmeg, which i strongly recommend. it added so much flavor!
  • pop back into the oven until cheese is melted.
  • let cool & add your balsamic glaze! 

i love fall because we get to be creative with our recipes & try out some new flavor combos. if you try this out, be sure to tag @fitxfreie on insta! see u later babes!