my name is Ali Freie & four years ago, i was sitting in a chaise lounge chair in Mykonos, Greece where i pushed ‘confirm’ on a half marathon submission set in three months time. after a semester of endless eating & drinking, & pretty much no physical activity, while studying abroad & traveling around europe— an amazing experience i would not change— i felt uncomfortable in my own skin. i needed something to work toward— i needed something to keep me accountable. when i returned to my home in Minnetonka, Minnesota, i eased into training with one of my best friends Gabi & joined my mom’s yoga studio to supplement my runs. i fell hard & fast for the way my body & mind felt after movement. moving your body not only changes your physical appearance, but also changes your mindset for each day, shapes your goals & dreams, & boosts your energy & self-confidence/love. my yoga practice became religion & my passion for fitness evolved into a lifestyle which continues to save me every day.

ok— phew, done with the cheesy boring life story that i, unfortunately, felt i needed to share! i now am a certified yoga instructor with over three years of experience in leading group fitness classes & have created a workout format which makes me truly love working out. my goal is to bring that same love of fitness, that i found three summers ago, to everyone.

can’t wait to be buds & thank you SO much for stopping by!