let's sweat.

beat-based yoga & pilates workouts

we love yoga & rap music. lets sweat.

these messages mean the world to me. thank you. 


hi! thank you so much for stopping by my site! i am a certified yoga instructor turned fitness-fanatic with over four years of experience leading group fitness classes. i hope to share this passion with you. over five years ago i started on a fitness journey that truly changed my life, not only my physical appearance & confidence, but my headspace & happiness too. believe it or not, i used to dread going to the gym—but i have since found a workout method & lifestyle, which includes plenty of rest days & dessert! can’t wait to sweat together x

the workout

fitxfreie workouts are designed to make you love working out. period. classes are rooted in yoga & pilates moves & perfect for any fitness level. the use of  music allows workouts to fly by while having a blast- sweat guaranteed. my goal is to share the positive mindset & confidence you gain when you put time back into yourself. join me in beat-based, kick-ass, intense, & actually fun workouts—let’s sweat.